Friday, August 21, 2009

Palmetto Health Foundation

Excited for service
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The team was met by Anna Saunders (Front row, left) of the Foundation with information about their services. The students were divided into teams and assigned different areas of Columbia. Armed with the fliers the three teams headed out to local businesses. The fliers were promotional material for the First Ladies Walk for Life: Steps Against Breast Cancer. The students will use their persuasion skills to spread the word about this important event. Proceeds from the Walk for Life are used to fund the Palmetto Health Breast Cancer Center.

Bentley, a 3L SBA representative helped to hang flyers and noted that she believed” it is in the law student’s nature to want to give back to our community and it is a great tradition that we are starting with the Incoming Law Student Community Service Project.”

Britney, A 2L SBA Representative added, “today is really a great day!”

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